The City of Canterbury Swimming Club (CCSC) was first set up in Toddlers Cove area in 1877. Then nearly 100 years later in 1970, it was reformed and eventually moved to Kingsmead in 1973.


Today CCSC is a charity run club that has a very determined and passionate team. We are fortunate to have a mix of professional and dedicated coaches who work tirelessly to give maximum opportunities to all swimmers.

Today we have an ever-growing amount of swimmers and support from a team of parent volunteers too. The last 25 years have been very successful for the club producing many national swimmers. We aim to continually improve this over the coming months and years.


Meet the Team...

The Committee!

Our friendly committee is made up of volunteers who help run and maintain the club. This allows our coaches to be poolside and concentrate on our swimmers.


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The Coaching Team!

We have a great team of Coaches who dedicate so much of their time to make sure the squads and well practised and gala ready!


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