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City of Canterbury Swimming Club?




The City of Canterbury Swimming Club welcomes you and your child to the Club. We hope you / your child (or both!) will enjoy the experience of being a member including the training, competition and social interaction.

We are a competitive club, coaching all 4 strokes and our history stretches back to 1877. Our aim is to help all swimmers achieve their highest possible swimming ability. The club is structured into different squads based on age and ability, you should have been told which group your child will be swimming in and what their training times will be.

Throughout the year the Club runs swimming galas and sends teams to competitions, and we encourage all swimmers to compete when they can. A Parent's Guide to competitive swimming is also enclosed.

What Next?

The next step is to organise a trial. This allows for our coaches to assess the swimmer so they can be allocated the appropriate training Squad. To organise a trial, please email for us to arrange it.

New Members!

By the time you join, you should have received all the necessary information on becoming a member, including Fees, Direct Debits, Swim Manager Account & Gala's. However, please see below (and across the site) for any additional information.

Keeping Up to Date…

We have various methods allowing you to keep up to date with the club. These include our:

  • Swim Manager Account
  • Mobile App (Via Swim Manager)
  • Facebook Page
  • Website
  • Notice Board

Swim Manager Swim Manager
CCSC utilises Swim Manager – a dedicated platform for managing all aspects of your swimmer's needs within the cub. This includes fees (direct debit setup), entering meets and policy documents required to swim. Information on how to register will follow.
Our app will allow you to view and update your swimmer information, check upcoming meet information, view PBs and receive messages. It is a great and powerful tool every parent or carer should have. App’s are available on both Apple & Android.
Facebook Page f_logo_RGB-Blue_58
Please join us on our Facebook page! Another great method to keep up to date with the club and also interact with other parents \ carers.
Notice Board

Our dedicated club notice board is located just before the changing area. We will always display any relevant information for both parents and swimmers here.
Fee’s, Payments, Memberships & Direct Debits

All fees are collected by direct debit (this includes any purchases at the Club's shop which stocks swimming training aids). Please note that fees cover more than just pool time and training. Please see the Club Fees sheet for more information.
ASA Membership

You / Your child will also be registered with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). For younger swimmers (Category 1) we need this for insurance reasons. For older swimmers ('Pre-Comp' upwards), they will also need this in order to compete at galas (Category 2).

ASA membership fees are collected annually by the Club on your behalf. Please see our 'Fee's & Memberships' Section for costs.

Questions, Queries & Concerns

While we hope you/your child will be happy and content at City of Canterbury Swimming Club, sometimes questions, concerns or issues may arise. If you have a question regarding coaching, you should approach your child’s coach in the first instance. Please do so at a time convenient to you both and don't go on poolside and interrupt training sessions. The coaches will be happy to arrange a time before or after training to discuss any training issues.

We have a parent’s Code of Conduct which is similar to codes for coaches, officials and swimmers. You will be asked to read and sign the parent's Code of Conduct and to countersign that of your child.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding child welfare, the welfare officer should be informed.


Helping the Club…

We are always looking for volunteers. We, therefore, encourage all parents to become involved, even if it is only very limited, as this helps the Club run more smoothly and is also the best way to find out more about swimming and get to know people.

Please let us know what you would like to get involved with - coaching and helping poolside; helping to run galas; officiating at galas, or helping to run the club (being part of the committee).

Finally, we hope you and your child enjoy being a member of the City of Canterbury Swimming Club.


Kind regards,


The Team

City of Canterbury Swimming Club