Our Squads

We are able to accept swimmers who have reached the standard of ASA Stage 6 all the way up to national-level swimmers.  Swimmers are welcome to come for a trial with a member of the City of Canterbury coaching staff, where we will assess their swimming strokes to allocate them to the most suitable group.  All of our pool training sessions run in the main pool at Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury. The club coaches will progress swimmers through the stages at their own discretion.

First Steps
First Steps Plus

​First Steps is based in the 25m main pool and is open to Stage 6 swimmers and above (or who can confidently swim a length and are comfortable in the deep end). It includes water awareness and confidence in the water with movement on both the front and back.

Swimming strokes are developed and refined with the aim of competitively swimming each of the four strokes:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly

Pre - Competition

This squad build upon the four basic strokes developing technical elements such as stroke changes in preparation for competition.

Stamina development is also introduced, with the aim of being able to competently swim four lengths of the main pool consecutively.


Our first competitive group. The swimming stroke technique is refined and stamina is further developed. 

In addition, awareness of the accepted technical rules of competitive swimming is introduced. 

At this stage, it is strongly encouraged that swimmers compete in competitive galas.


​Further stroke refinement and increasing stamina and development of stroke changes. 

Introduction to racing skills including dives, starts, turns and underwater work in preparation for competition. 

Training is three pool sessions per week


Competitive swimming training with a view to obtaining Kent County and potentially South East Region qualification times. 

Swimming training is geared towards obtaining South East Region, Home County or British National qualification times. 

Masters &
Masters Extra

Adult Swimming for 21+ years old.  A great swimming club with something for everyone!  Whether you’re looking to stay fit, improve your technique or compete, we have it all at Canterbury Masters. 


We work to pre-set programmes for different abilities and help with stroke development if requested and there is the option of competition from local up to international level.